Show Them How Video Contest


How to Upload Your “Show Them How” Video to YouTube

Step 1: Download the YouTube App (if you don’t already have it)

  • iPhone users can find it in the App Store
  • Android users can find it in the Play Store

Step 2: Login in to the YouTube app on your mobile device

  • Open the YouTube app and tap the round button at the top right corner of your screen
  • Tap the “sign in” button
  • Tap “add account” button
  • Use as the email and press NEXT
  • Use THWTK001x as the password and press NEXT

Step 3: Upload your video

  • Tap the video camera icon at the top of your screen
  • Tap the video you wish to upload from your camera roll & press NEXT
  • Title your video “ Autoshow Contest – Your Name “
  • Tap the UPLOAD button in the top right corner

Step 4: Submit your video to the contest page

  • Once your video is uploaded, copy your video link (URL)
  • Visit to submit your video to the contest page
  • Paste your YouTube video link into the “Enter Video URL” box
  • Enter your video title “Show Them How – Your Name”
  • Click “Enter Contest” button

** NOTE **

If you’re using a video camera, you must upload the video to your computer/laptop first and then use website to upload the video. The instructions remain the same if you are choosing to use your video camera instead of your mobile device (although mobile is much faster and easier).